•       Wedding • Grüntaler Str. 51 • daily 6pm - 1am++
  • 2Tage Wedding Festival: Live: Mexican Radio & DJ Psycho Jones Show & Kegeln

  • Samstag 09.09 22:00
  • 10pm: MEXICAN RADIO / Synth Punk / Berlin

    Mexican Radio is a synth punk trio out of Berlin who take their name from the famous Wall of Voodoo song. Nathaniel Fregoso (vocals, synths/The Blood Arm), Dyan Valdés (vocals, synths/The Blood Arm, Die Sterne) and Hannes Neupert (vocals, drums/The Mokkers) write short and noisy singalongs about day-to-day life. The band’s influences include Suicide, The Screamers, Wire and The Fall.

    listen on SoundCloud

    11pm: DJ Action by DJ Psycho Jones / Dancing & Bowling included! Psyche.FreakBeat.Soul.Popcorn.Disco.Kraut.Punk.Wave.Synth.Acid

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